About Me

Hello all

Mama Allie here



I am a 21 year old Mama-to-be from little old New Zealand, currently studying to be a Registered Nurse. I live with my loving partner Matt in a home in Palmerston North along with a little kitty Marley.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and my dream is to be able to talk and write about all the experiences I am going through.

My hope is that it will reach just one person, who can relate and take comfort that this is not a journey you have to go on alone.

To be fair though, this is my outlet. A safe place where everything I say is without filter and true to who I am. Therefore I hope in the process of posting my innermost thoughts and experiences, I do not offend anyone along the way.

I make posts on my Instagram at least once a week so feel free to follow the link and check out a few things that I’ve posted prior to launching this blog.

I will be making posts about Pregnancy, Loss, Complications, Relationships, Life and my baby Danny when he arrives.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I’d love to receive messages so please find my contact page or leave a comment.

Love to you all